Hi all,last weekend i have the chance to photo and see rafflesia blooming in one of the national park.It was a rare occurence as it dont bloom everyday,moreover it last only 4 days and will wither thereafter.Its bud started like a small onion,get bigger like a cabbage then many months past ,something like 9 months,it sprouts open to revealed her beauty.Prior to the visit i will check with the park ranger to enquire rafflesia blooms,and approx when,and make more calls . Perhaps someone will keep trying to propagate this rare and endangered flower in the green house and be the NO.! in the world

Meanwhile enjoy the photo.

started like a small onion

many months later..size of cabbage..

finally 9 months later bloom into largest flower in the world..This one was slightly 2.5 feet

..and this one measure one meter(taken a year ago) with 6 petals(a rare occurence) instaed of the usual common 5.

more info here..