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Thread: N.rafflesiana

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    Hi everyone.Today i has collected seeds from 2 rafflesiana plant-an elongated green form and the normal form. The purpose is to compare their seeds count in relation to the their population in the wild. My observation was confined to an area,no exact count on the exact no.of rafflesiana plants though.Well you may say a general observation ie there are more ordinary forms than the elongated type.

    elongated form

    ordinary form

    An inflorescence of the elongated form capsule counted were 38 capsules. The no.of seeds in each capsule numbering 523 more or less, while the ordinary form capsules numbering 53 with seeds count only

    Elongated form total 19,874.00 seeds

    ordinary form has total 3,551.00 seeds

    Elongated inflorescence capsules are bigger

    ordinary form has smaller capsules

    Base on the calculation there should be more elongated raff plant while the ordinary form should be less.But that was not the case.It was the opposite.I searched the area and managed to count only 20 elongated plants,while the ordinary form were everywhere.young plants without pitchers are not included. What exactly are the reasons?any comment.

    Any experienced greenhouse growers out there who had conducted and observed the counting? Your methods and Conclusion. cheers


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    I don't know much about seed counting, but do try to sow the seeds and raise them to seedlings. I'd like to see the variation in the offspring .

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