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Thread: moving honeybees

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    Merry Christmas everyone. I hope Santa did not bring anyone coal.
    I am a big honeybee fan. I was very happy when I saw lots of them running all over my plants and flowers. I kept remarking to my wife that the nest shouldn't be to far away with the number of bees that are in our yard.

    Well today I found out where they are. They are in my neighbors boat. They have formed a hive under one of the seat chambers just below deck. Now my neighbor is being understanding of the bees but he would really like to finish working on the boat. The problem is the deck of the boat is the flight path in and out of the hive. So he is not real keen on being the subject of bee aggression.

    Problem number two is I would like to move them into my yard. Which is next door. That means less than 2 miles from the orginal hive location. So if I don't do this properly as I understand it they will move right back to the boat.

    Here is my world conquest plan. This is not a smal hive it is probably 50,000 + bees. They are actively building a large nest. The smell of honey is incredible. I want to put up a piece of wood in front of the entrance to the below deck area with a small hole in it. I want to then put a langstroth hive right in front of the plywood. This so that the bees can keep their current orientation. I then want to gradualy move the hive into my yard.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What size langstroth hive should I use? (shallow, medium, deep)
    2. How long should I leave the hive in front of the opening to allow for the transfer of operations to the new hive?
    3. How gradually should I move the hive in order to end up with them in my yard? The total move will be about 60'.
    4. What will happen to the current queen?

    Oddball ideas I am thinking of sticking with. Do most of this at sunset or shortly after when I suspect most of the bees will be home. I plan on doing a separate feeding for the bees of granulated sugar just after a move. I figure a well fed bee is a happier bee(relatively speaking).

    Here is what I don't want.
    I don't want dead bees in his boat. The honey and nesting material left behind with dead bees will not smell good after a while and if I can make the bees transfer most of it less to clean up.
    Bees that are looking to make an example of me. If I piss them off in a major way I suspect that this move will be very difficult and they will remember who caused the problems.

    Here are some outside issues.
    His boat is still going to have a lot of crap in it after we are done with this. What is the best way for him to be able to clean it up? (boat owners here please speak up)

    Current plans are to get the hive, bee keeper outfit and a smoker to help with the move.

    If you have noticed a huge gaping flaw in my plan or just have some helpful hints please speak up.

    Living in West Palm Beach, Fl.


    PS. I still am growing CPs. Most of them are tucked away for winter dormancy.

    Apprently posting fully clothed non sexual photos of myself pisses off the mods. Well I do my part.

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    I would recommend asking this forum:
    Joseph Clemens
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