I finally found a local nursery nearby me that has carnivorous plants. On top of that they are proud of the fact that they sell them. Unfortunatly most of their customers don't know what they are buying and think that Neps can be grown inside and given tap water and then wonder when they die. Despite the fact that the employees tell them what they are. Some people just don't listen.

I picked up N . Alatha and N. Tobacia. A Drosera and a really nice sized VFT.

Now here is the thing, do I share the information and watch you guys come in and raid my new secret supplier or do I help them get a little more business. Also I don't want to step on the toes of petflytrap, they are good people. It is nice to have a local nursey selling CPs. Fortunatly I also think there are only about four people in Florida that are on the forums here.

So if you are in S. Florida maybe you can PM me and I will share the details. If the mods don't like this you get nada.