Thanks everyone!
but actually, I consider it a very bad setup..
it might look cool, but its bad for my plants.

Its less light than outdoors..even though they are in a "bright south window" its still a lot less light than outdoors.
Its climate-conrtolled indoor air..
too warm when its cool outside,
and too cool when its warm outside.
they get no sense of seasonal cool spring changing to hot summer then back to cool autumn..its virtually the same every day of the season. They will get no dormancy ques for temp.
and they cant catch any bugs!
the only "good" thing is the light levels will change with the seasons.

Im a firm believer in NEVER growing VFT's or Sarracenia indoors if you can avoid it. they do SOOOOOOO much better outdoors.
there is no comparision..
IMO, no one should ever grow a VFT or Sarr indoors..ever..unless they have absolutely no where to keep it outside. I said, this is a temporary setup for this year only!
hopefully they will be fine..

Here is my current growlist:

Sarracenia X moorei *'Leah Wilkerson' (1)
Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis AL-02 (1)
Sarracenia X 'Judith Hindle' (7)
Sarracenia leucophylla (1)
Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnoc' (5)
Sarracenia leucophylla 'Red' (2)
Sarracenia leucophylla 'Titan' (2) (in mini bog)
Sarracenia X 'excellens' (2)
Sarracenia flava (1)
Sarracenia flava 'veinless' (1)
Sarracenia purpurea (1)
Sarracenia X wrigleyana 'Scarlet Belle' *(1) (In mini bog)
Sarracenia X 'dixie lace'

Mixed sarracenia hybrids, unknown parentage (7)

Sarracenia seedlings, 2 years old, grown from ICPS seed packs,
sprouted Spring 2004:
'Judith Hindle' X 'Ladies in Waiting' (11)
Sarracenia leucophylla (25)
Sarracenia flava, Walton Co. Florida (2)
Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea (1)

Dionaea muscipula, mixed varieties, (50) (in mini bog)

Drosera capensis (15) in 3 pots
Drosera Binata (1)

Pinguicula agnata (1)

Nepenthes X chelsonii (3)