So the seven-day forecast here in the Puget Sound, Washington area says lows in the high 20s/low 30s this week. My plants have already taken a pretty severe blast of cold with only the shelter of a coldframe. My porch is pretty windy, so the coldframe only does so much. Most of my pitcher plants seem OK, and my temperate 'dews seem like they're ready to resume growth. My P. primuliflora fried a little around the edges of the older leaves, but it's been in worse shape so I think it'll come back.
However, the VFTs have not been happy, and I have a new S. psittacina that's on the rocks as well (all the leaves are browning, although the rhizome and growth points seem solid.) I think those plants should all come in and share the space with my Drosophyllum seedlings under lamps. I could also put them in an unlit shed, where they would get cold but no wind. Which would be better? I don't expect temperatures below 25, and the shed stays a little warmer from sharing a wall with my apartment. Inside, my temperatures are 68-72 during the day and 60-65 at night. I could put the plants beside my sliding glass window, where I imagine it's a little colder at night, but I still think it will be warm enough and lit enough that whatever comes in will be coming out of dormancy before long.