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Thread: I L-word Homework

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    This is to all who've had the most wondeful experiences with the lovely Homework. It really cracked me up! ::

    Homework, I Love You

    Homework, I love you. I think that youíre great.
    Itís wonderful fun when you keep me up late.
    I think youíre the best when Iím totally stressed,
    preparing and cramming all night for a test.

    Homework, I love you. What more can I say?
    I love to do hundreds of problems each day.
    You boggle my mind and you make me go blind,
    but still Iím ecstatic that you were assigned.

    Homework, I love you. I tell you, itís true.
    Thereís nothing more fun or exciting to do.
    Youíre never a chore, for itís you I adore.
    I wish that our teacher would hand you out more.

    Homework, I love you. You thrill me inside.
    Iím filled with emotions. Iím fit to be tied.
    I cannot complain when you frazzle my brain.
    Of course, thatís because Iím completely insane.

    - Ken Nesbit

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    Hehe. Cute.

    Reminds me of a ballad I wrote about hating ballads- my teacher had assigned a hundred of the fricking things...
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    Hehehe, just emailed it to my daughter. I know she LOVES homework so much!
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