I agree trying to tell someone what they can do with their plants once they have purchased them is a bit silly.

As all of you sit here and read this post on the internet from your computers please also remember you don't own the copy of XP , 2000, 98, 95 from Microsoft. You can't make copies of it (except for backup). You can use only one cd per computer. And M$ can monitor any information it wants on your PC.

So what is the point. Because cps are important to many of the users here they will get up in arms over plants patents and restricition of rights. However get into a discussion on software patents, medical patents, or free exchange of information and you will create a snooze fest.

If you don't like the rules setup by the buyer, don't buy from them.

If you buy a historical property, you can be very limited on what changes you can make to it. If you live in a gated community you can be limited on what color paint you can use on your house or what kind of roof shingles you are allowed to have. And god forbid you should want to park your work vehicle there. Try to keep a group of goats in an area zoned residential and you run into zoning restrictions. There are plenty of groups to enforce plenty of rules. The question is which ones do you want to live with.

Microsoft free on my computers, not in a gated community, park my van in front of my house and if I want to paint the house purple, I could.