I would love to see the site myself even though it is largely hybred plants. Even though they were introduced they are now wild plants. As I said before I know why the sites are kept secret, but I also think its like putting the Mona lisa or other work of art in a vault never to be seen except by a select few people. Tiffney Case I agree with you that eduation about conservation is the key to their non destruction, and WELCOME! I also believe though that those plants that are endangered SHOULD be cultivated be as many people as possible. I am not saying plunder them from the wild, but rather ONE seed pod be taken by an approved nursery then grow as many of those plants as possible and pollinate getting more seed and making more plants. Also some tissue culture, but I do believe in having a little genetic variation too so not all should be tissue culture. That way the plants are available and do not need to be poached because then it will be more trouble than its worth to collect wild plants. I see it happening with orchids all the time. The entire plant is illegal and therefor every serious collecter wants it. Then the wild sites get stripped to feed the demand. It has happened with the newest species of paph. Paph Kovicii(sp) It is a huge pink paph. The largest to date. It makes the Rothchildianum look small. There are some growers here in the states that have plants that came herer BEFORE the flasks were made available for the plants. Peru allowed 5 nurseries over there to collect a certain number of plants to start a breeding program so the wild plants will be not needed to feed the desire of the collectors. Granted there are still poacher of plants available on the market, but it lowers it some. Especialy when the flask of Kovicii(sp) are still going for over 500 bucks a flask. Even when its culture is still being written. So I feel that every plant that is in demand should be cultivated by as many people as possible starting from a single seed pod or maybe 5 just so the population is not disturbed in the process. That way if need be they can be reintroduced if the need arrises. Not everyone can be controled and there are plants that are now extict in the wild, but since they are in cultivation there is the chance for them to be reintroduced to their natural location if it still exists. Have fun everyone!