I believe this is very good news. Hopefully this land can be restored in the coming years.


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At a glance: North Carolina's portion of the forest land sale
Associated Press

International Paper announced Tuesday it would sell conservation groups 218,000 acres of forest in 10 southeastern states, including 77,090 in North Carolina. In North Carolina, the land is divided among five sites and contains 300 miles of rivers and streams. Animal and plant species found in the forests include the red-cockaded woodpecker, black bear, freshwater mussels and the bald cypress.

Following is a description of the sites in North Carolina.

_ Roanoke River: 22,009 acres of bottomland hardwood forest. The Nature Conservancy has already helped protect more than 65,000 acres along the lower Roanoke River.

_ Upper Tar River Watershed: 20,749 acres. This area is home to numerous species of freshwater mussels and more than 60 species of fish. Most of the tracts protected will become part of Shocco Creek Game Land, and Medoc Mountain State Park in Halifax County.

_ Juniper Creek: 18,341 acres. The creek flows from the Green Swamp in Brunswick and Columbus counties to the Waccamaw River. The land will be added to the state's Game Land program.

_ Chowan River: 15,464 acres. Home to river otters, black bear and bald eagles, these lands will be added to the Chowan Swamp Game Land in Gates County.

_ Fort Bragg Forest: 527 acres. The Conservation Fund and Hoke County hope to establish a community forest near Raeford.

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Quote[/b] ]International Paper to sell 77,000 acres in N.C.

from staff reports

International Paper has agreed to sell about 77,000 acres in North Carolina to conservation groups, as part of a 10-state deal touted as one of the largest private conservation sales in history.

The Nature Conservancy will acquire the bulk of the property in North Carolina, along four waterways: The Roanoke River, the Upper Tar River, Juniper Creek near Green Swamp and the Chowan River. The Conservation Fund will acquire 500 acres near Raeford.

All told, conservation groups will buy about 218,000 acres of International Paper land in the Southeast. The company will received about $300 million when the land changes hands in coming months.

Under the sales agreement, the majority of the land will remain working forests, with much of the timber going to International Paper. Ecologically sensitive areas will be set aside.