Saturday was beautiful here and it was the first day that i had off where the ground was actually dry. Darla was working on the couch doing computer programing for work. i couldnt contain my cabin fever any longer and i grabbed the oldest of my two step-daughters and a couple rifles and headed out to my uncles ranch to help him with his dirt rat problem.

Katie(11) is bout a year and a half from big game hunting. and due to a growth spurt this past fall i finally have a rifle or two that fit her. unfortunatly the ground squirrels havent thought it has been as nice as i have and few were out so we set up improvised targets instead(cow bones ontop of rocks) now remember this is the first time Kate as actually tried to hit anything with a rifle, she has pulled the trigger on a couple rifles in the past to see what it felt like but the rifles were to big for her and she didnt stand a chance of hitting anything.

so i gave her the basic rundown of how my scoped Ruger 10-22 works got her a good solid rest on a tree that was blown down some years ago that was about right for her to kneel behind and rest the lil rifle on. told her to have at it at the bones about 25 yards away.

to my surprise, 5 shots and 5 bones toppled off the rocks. shes a natural!! cant wait to get my 223 up and running, she is going to be down right deadly by this summer