Season 3 on DVD may 9th (today)!

Don't know if the younger kids or non-cable TV havers know this show but it's fantastic if you like stand up comedy. DR. Katz is a aging hippie shrink who has all comedian patients (like ray romano, dom irera, kevin meany , emo phillips, judy tenuda, stephen wright, whoppie goldberg, dave attel, dave chappelle, david cross and tons of others thrugh the shows history). They lay on the psychiatrist couch and do their "bits" in a therapy setting, making for some great dry humor.
The rest of the show is basically about his lazy shiftless 25 year old son. It's similar to an animated version of Seinfeld "a show where nothing really happens". It would've been way easier if they did the show using real people since they'd only have needed to use three sets! It's animated by Squigglevision - the same people who did the Home Movies cartoons (Dr. Katz was al;so Melissas dad 'Eric' in Home Movies) but this was finished before home movies I believe.

The first season has extra cartoons and interviews with the creators so I can't wait to see what they are. I have a bootleg of the whole 81 episode 5 season series I scored off ebay a few years ago but I've just about worn the disks out. It'll be nice to have a colletion with no commercials or other screw ups!