Yup, European white birch, one of THE most succeptable to this native pest as it has no resistance.

As a replacement, if you are looking for another birch, plant native, as our natives are more resistandt.

Plant River birch. It is the only birch completely resistant to borers

I reccomend the superior clone 'heritage'

Read this link here - here is a quote from it "The three most common birch species grown in urban environments in America are paper birch, European white birch and the heat-tolerant river birch. River Birch, or Betula nigra, seems to be the only birch truly adapted to the hardships of urban conditions. Especially the Heritage™ or "Cully" cultivar. This tree stands up to heat and a deadly birch borer which can become a real problem with other birch species planted under city conditions and subject to pruning and other intrusive forms of landscape management."

River Birch 'Heritage' - The 2002 Urban Tree of the Year