For those who don't keep a close eye on the topics in the NASC forum, Rose (Copper) made this post.

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Quote[/b] ]Time to fill the groups. I have a list of people from the forum that wanted to be volunteers. Now you can decide what you want to volunteer for. You can be in more than one group, but you must send a resume (of sorts) to the head of the particular committee that you want to be one.

For growers send your resume to Houstonherp and he will look them over. If you do not meet the criteria he can remove the resume, the others will be presented to the board. Remember that we need more than growers. Everyone wants to be growers, but other areas of this conservancy are just as important and needed.

For collectors send your resume to Ozzy.

For education and PR send your resume to Noah.

Everyone that would like to help, but does not want to be in the above areas please email me or Pak. Please include how you would like to help.

Thank you,
We had many people offer to be volunteers for NASC. We are in need of people to fill committee positions. This project will take a lot of hands doing various tasks. It can't be accomplished by just a few people.

NASC has a Board meeting tomorrow nite (Thursday). It is open to anyone who wants to attend. We meet in an AOL Buddy Chat room, so anyone wanting to attend need to let me know their AIM name so I can invite you in.

MEETING: Thursday, June 15th, 8 PM CENTRAL time.

Please join us and help move this project forward!

Thank you!