Thanks for all of the comments. Other than the Heliamphora, all are windowsill plants. The Heliamphora, Sarracenia, Utric, and the filiformis are all fairly recent acquisitions, though, so I cannot really take credit for them. I find that Sarracenia will survive OK and look decent on windowsills, but will not look as good as greenhouse specimens. The pygmy garden contains DD. callistos 'Brookton', closterostigma, ericksonae, nitidula var. nitidula, paleacea ssp. roseana, pulchella 'red/purple', scorpiodes, stelliflora, and nitidula x pulchella. At least, I planted gemmae of all of those species in there in November. I've IDd them all except for callistos and closterostigma. One or both of those are still in there; I cannot distinguish them from the rosettes alone.