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Thread: Vacation Pics

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    Gr8 pictures.
    You said you were disappointed.
    So was I .
    When I was nine years old,I saw home movies of someone's trip to Yellowstone Park and Old Faithful was fantastic.
    I went a few years ago and it was on a cloudy overcast day. It had snowed the night before, up in the mountains.
    I must of been on the wrong side because when old Faithful went off. It was nothing like I saw in that movie 50 years before.
    I was screaming into the wind,
    "I waited 50 years for this and is that all there is?"
    Than for listening and keep on taking those Phantastic Photos
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    So you saw Yogi Bear and Wyle E. Coyote? Cool whip!

    When I was in junior high, we took a trip along the perimter of New York State. Part of that trip was a visit to Niagara Falls, the American side. Unfortunately, at that time, it was closed for repairs. I referred to it as the "Niagara Trickle".

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (rattler_mt @ July 17 2006,10:51)]seeing coyotes was a big deal? they are labeled targets of oppertunity up here.
    For some reason, at the age of 6, my daughter decided that coyotes and wolves were her favorite animals. For her the coyotes and wolves made the whole trip worthwhile. I've seen enough coyotes myself that they weren't that exciting for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (herenorthere @ July 17 2006,8:00)]My boss just came back from Yellowstone too. If I woulds known you'd be there I coulda sent you my entire Nep collection in exchange for you introducing him to a bear or helping him get a closer look at the geysers.
    Feeding the bears would get me fined, attempting to poison one would get me jailed. They also frown on people throwing trash in the geysers .

    Glad y'all like the pictures.
    ---Steve Allinger---

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