I've recently moved to a house that is more than twice as far from the grocery store as my last place. Not only that, but I'm nowhere near a bus stop and there are hills along the way. Last year, I just barely kept up with my water needs carrying jugs fron the store by hand. This year, I have nearly twice the trays to keep watered, so I haven't even tried to fetch water by hand. But, I'm getting tired of bumming rides to the store off of my friends, so I broke down and purchased an RO filter from Aquasafe on eBay.
My auction.
So, does anybody have one of these, or a similar unit? I'm looking for advice on how to hook it up. There's just an input and a waste output and the tap, so I don't think it'll be too confusing, but I'm also not a plumber so I need a little advice on attaching the wastewater line to my drain and such. My hot and cold pipes have what look to be half-inch screw-on connectors from flexible metal-braided hoses, and the joints are easily accessible. My drain is equipped with a disposal before going into an inch wide PVC trap. The sink where I want to install it has a spray-hose that I never use - I'd like to take the sprayer out and replace it with the tap from the RO filter.
Any help would be great - thanks,