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Thread: My night in the swamp

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    After I heard that the tropical storm was going to hit this weekend, I had planned to go out into the swamp and look for snakes after the storm. I invited some guys from work to go. One guy said he wanted to go just to see me get bit.

    The forecast had said that we would have rain until early Saturday (today). So I had picked last night for the snake hunt. Unfortunately The rain stopped Thursday night. The water level was still high so I still had high hopes that it would flood a lot of snakes out of there hiding spots.

    On the way to where we had planned to meet, I found a copperhead on the road, so it was looking pretty good that we would find a more snakes when we got to the swamp. Unfortunately that was the only snake I saw all night.

    I met up with other guys, and we were on our way. There is one road that cuts right through the middle of the swamp for about 30 miles. I have never driven down this road and not seen at least one snake dead on the road. Well that is until tonight. For whatever reason there were no snakes at all on the road. I really can't understand why, all the ditches were flooded. They should have been all over the place.

    I wanted to see what my buddy Jim was doing in the back seat all by himself, so I turned may camera around and took this pic. You can just see the excitement on his face of the upcoming adventure.

    This is the guy that came just to see me get bit. His name is Jim but we call him cliff, because he looks, acts and sounds just like Cliff Clavin from Cheers.

    It was still early so we stopped by the fire tower that I posted pics from before. Never trust a buddy, with a camera during a personal moment.

    We stopped by a bridge and look around the bridge and this is all we found.

    Look at the way his eyes are glowing.

    We get back on the road and still no snakes anywhere. We pass a spot near the end of the swamp where last year, I was looking for snakes and plants and I heard a growling sound that made me decide I really didn't want to search this area anymore, and ran back to my van like a little girl. I tried to find the post about that but I couldn't. Right across the road from where that happened a big plane crashed in the 70's. There is also a legend called the Maco lights near there.

    Maco Lights

    I was telling, the other two guys, Jason and Jim about what I heard there last year as we passed the area and came to the town of Bolton. Bolton is located at the end of the swamp.

    At Bolton we turn around. About a mile after we turn around we see some cars stopped up ahead with their flashers on. We get closer and we see that one of the cars had hit something, but there was nothing in front of the car. We park in front of the car, I get out and ask if everybody is ok. One man told me everybody was fine, but they were still stinging from the airbags. I asked what happened and they said they hit a bear. Nobody could call 911 because they couldn't get service on their cells. Not many cell towers in the swamp. I looked to see if I had any service and I had two bars.So I called 911 and reported what happened.
    Then I did what anybody would have done in that situation. I said to by other buddy Jason, "Lets see if we can find the bear."

    We had a lantern and we started walking down the side of the road. About 100 feet from where the cars had stopped, in the edge of the woods we found this.

    We get back to my vehicle and Jim is still siting inside. He asks, "Did you find the bear?"
    I say yes . I ask if he wants to go see the bear and he said no. I asked why he's still sitting in the truck? He said he could figure out how to get the seat to go up. I laugh and tell him that he's just too scared to get out.

    We drove back through the swamp, and we still didn't find any snakes.

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    OMG! You know Billy Bob Thorton!

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    I'm glad nobody got got hurt but...that poor bear. How sad.
    "Fox terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs." - Jerome K. Jerome

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