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Thread: Bedtime story

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    I was putting my daughter to bed recently (2 years old), and she asked me to tell her a story. Now it's one of her favorite. Check it're gonna love it.

    One day Daddy and Nonno (Italian for "gandpa" if you didn't know) were in the garden. An ant crawled up on Daddy foot, and it tickled me. So I caught the ant.

    I said to the ant, "You shouldn't crawl on me because it tickles."

    I looked around and saw my pot of venus flytraps. So I thought to myself, "gee, I could throw this ant into the pot. It could walk around until it find the honey that the leaves make....then it could eat the honey, and the leaf could eat the ant."

    But that's not how it happened. I through the ant, and it landed right in one of the leaves....and BAM! The leaf slammed shut on the ant! It was just like I was playing catch with the plant. It was so funny! You should have seen the look on Nonno's face!

    The end.

    And yes, that is a true story.
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    LOL, and this is your little girl's favorite now? Why are young children so sadistic?
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