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Thread: First ever sucessful VFT!

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    okay, Im really proud, and i wanted to show off some pics. its at least 5 months in my care (much longer than any other carnivores, minus one nepenthe that never pitchered ). I also bought it from orchard, which i know dashes its chances alot, and, when it was on the ground, my neighbors employee's dog would take it and dump it out and chew on the pot so i would pay attention to her, or let her in. All i have to say is that its a miracle its alive, and im proud of it.
    Anywho, I wanted to post some pictures.

    its getting a nice red color out there in the sun, i must say. Were pretty foggy here, but it really shows its colors when we get a spurt of sun.

    The hanging pot was designed to keep the plant away from the dog AND moist.

    Anywho, just showin off a little.

    Just got a reef tank. it is kewl.

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    woohoo! good job!!
    I'm moving this to the VFT forum Good growing!
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