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Thread: Barry's new book!

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    Hey Guys,

    Glad you liked it. You can get the book from You can also get it directly from me for a few more bucks, *if you want a copy autographed to you (see

    Regardless of where you get it, you should go to that web site from time to time to download the update document I have there. In the time I wrote the book, two new species of Utricularia have already been published!!!!

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    They do carry this book at Border's. You can search online to see if a local brick and mortar store has it in stock. One of the stores near me had it in-stock. I went down there to buy it but when I found the copy (only one) I noticed some clod had dropped it and a couple of the corners of the cover were bashed.

    I hate bookstores that encourage the customers to treat the stock as they would a library. Too many copies with torn dust jackets, broken spines and thumb-creased pages. And they won't give you a discount on damaged goods!

    It's a beautiful book and if I'm going to lay out close to $40 for it I want it to be in mint condition when I buy it.
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