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Thread: Is there something wrong with me?

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    I agree schoalty...
    stay active. Getting depressed is natural and an important feeling to have. Also, it doesn't even have to be atheletic... join the chess club. I remember when I was in columbus and OSU had a club for everything (i.e. bullwhip club). My girlfreind runs the toy closet and auxillary at the local hospital and I volunteer to take care of the plants in the hospital. Point is, there are a thousand things to keep yourself occupied.
    I also have to agree with the medication thing. A few people may need to take medication but for the most part doctors are just treating symptoms and not the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (schloaty @ Nov. 21 2006,11:32)]Farmer D, the best therapy for my teenage issues was joining the cross country/track team.

    Didn't solve everything, but it sure helped in matters of self esteem (still couldn't talk to girls, but I only JUST figured out how to do it, and I've already been married for 4 years. Weird, that).

    I think the excersize is the best thing to do for the moment. Give it about two weeks (if you do it every day, or at least five days a week) to see if it helps. Join a sports team, take karate, jog on your own, whatever. Just do SOMETHING.

    EP is onto something. The medical community is too ready to pump you full of stuff you probably don't need.
    As a 2 year track person myself(we'll see if the folks are going to let me this year) I definetly agree. Even if its not sports and outside of school any physical activity is good! I know some in martial arts, boxing, hunting, etc. etc. and they all seem to love it, and it definetly allows you to meet new people. Even P.E. if you do that is great start. I never really thought of myself as athletic, and being Asian being a sprinter in track is kinda a weird thing to do...mostly Asians seem to do Tennis, soccer, long distance running(me? Too lazy to run 8 miles every day), and occasionally football, but I surprised myself and others. If I happen to be feeling really bored or down I often go job over to a great park we have or sometimes go and shoot free throws(nope, not a good B-ball player, got interested in that a bit too late).

    I read somewhere that the main way males bond is through activities(of course, I forget how females bond, and sadly it never talked of how females bonded to males). I agree. Its hard to get to know someone in a classroom, even harder in coagulated masses of carefully assorted people at lunch, but when you take a bunch of people, stick them together in a box, and shake them up a bit they get to know eachother. You make some history between you and the other person.

    Also, I think what/how you eat makes a difference too about how you feel.
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