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Thread: Gel2root propagation gel?

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    I was looking in the garden section of a local OSH and saw this stuff called Gel2root made by SupaPlants in the UK. It's a nutrient gel that you put your leaf cuttings into. Unfortunately both the Gel2root and SupaPlant websites are under construction or unavailable but here is one site selling so you can get an idea of what it is like (I am not endorsing the site or the product having never used it).

    Here is a description I found on another board (via Google) that was lifted from the Gel2root website prior to the new construction:

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Here are just some of the benefits of "gel2root" ...dramatically simplifies the process for you - no need to water, feed or use rooting powder because the gel contains:

    * active ingredient to produce vigorous root formation
    * all the nutrients a plant needs to enhance production and growth of roots
    * the water to sustain the cutting when rooting...

    creates remarkable results without mess or complication - whether you're young, mature, experienced or novice...

    gives you freedom to - grow plants when you like, since "gel2root" allows cuttings of houseplants and softwood, under suitable conditions, to be taken all the year round

    increases your level of success - the gel provides a homogeneous medium with no soil-borne pests and is designed to feed and water new plants at just the right level, all the time

    fascinates developing minds - without making a mess! - Children love it as rooting systems develop before their eyes in the clear gel. And they can achieve this using clean, reliable and simple to understand materials.

    helps you to pot-on your new plants successfully - When soil or compost is used for cuttings the tendency is often to remove them to see whether or not roots have formed. If they haven't, this process may, itself, prevent root development. With gel2root you can see when the roots emerge. The new young roots are provided with a full range of nutrients, formulated to ensure rapid development.

    ...and gel2root makes a great gift - for just about anybody!
    And finally some on the product on

    It looked like some ready made tissue culture media to me, but planterspride says: "It is not suitable for hardwood cuttings or ericaceous (acid loving) plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons."

    So I guess this stuff would be unsuitable for CPs?
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    It probably Has to many minerals a CP would die from. I think these have been talked about before.

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    Rooting hormones are usually harmful to CPs.

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