psh, don't be scared of the SATs i think i would up with a 1320 or so (on the old scoring system, out of 1600) on my first try, going in without having studied at all, in my sophomore year. i retook it once and upped it 30pts or so on the math section. and don't worry about having another year left, they're not testing you on everything you've learned in HS just vocabulary, algebra and basic reasoning, and i think they've added some writing fluff since i took it. the only kicker for me was the math, i've got a decent vocab but speed and accuracy are not my friend for doing math problems. but it sounds like you'll do just fine

(i also recall that the PSAT in no way prepared me for the SAT- i did well on both but studying SAT prep books was a much better indicator of the nature of the real SAT)