I live in the meth capital of north georgia, in the meth hub of the east coast (ga). It's easier to get any drug you want pretty much than it is beer.

I used to be in DARE (they made us). Then, 2 grades later, our DARE teacher got hooked on meth and robbed a gas station.

Cool85k5, no disrespect, but it's not your place to tell him (Cody) who to be friends with. And I'm not implying that your kids do drugs ;I don't care either way. BUT, the biggest mistake you can make is assuming they don't. I was in honors,the Discovery program, had the "good" friends, and made straight A's (and a B in algebra hehe) and that didn't stop me from doing drugs, including meth, pills of every flavor, coke, crack, mescaline,DXM, etc etc. My parents never saw it coming. Lucky for me, I was never hurt bad, although I did OD a couple of times. I have learned a few lessons of moderation since those days.

I don't advocate drug use publicly, so don't mistake what I said above for advocacy. Don't play with fire if you're afraid you might get burned.