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Thread: I'm Sick!

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    Since you've given us so many lovely vomit emoticons, I figure I'll bestow one of my favorites up on.

    Fits the situation nicely!

    As for the antibiotics: It should help protect you, but as you've seen, it wont make you into an invincible robot. I've gotten infections while on Tetracycline.

    Three cheers for antibiotics! Hope you feel better soon- I feel for ya because I ALWAYS get sick whenever I get a break from school. I've vomited from one year to the next before.
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    I hope you feel better soon, but what's up with people getting sick because of a break from school? I don't remember that happening to me thirty years ago or to my daughter now. Is it something about being trapped at home or what?

    By the way, we're leaving the antibiotic era behind us because our misuse of them is making too many bad things resistant. Antibiotics are given to animals by the ton and prescribed to people without any diagnosed bacterial infection. Bad news.
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