Hello, it seems another feature of the new software is we can change your user name. I am willing to make the change for you under these conditions.
1) The name is not already taken
2) You understand you can only change your name once
3) You're going to your real name or a real nick name. Not a typical forum / internet name
4) I recomend you put in your signature "My old forum name was *****" in red font (to keep confusion down)

So what do you need to do if you want this done?
Post here. (do NOT pm me for this) Be clear on what you want your new name to be. And I'll hopefully get to it soon. So next time you come, if your login doesn't work. Try the new name. I'll reply to this once I get yours done. I will probably do it once a week. And do everyone at once. Because I have to run some scripts to make the change to the whole forum.. it will be easiest that way.
Lets limit this to 6 people for now...