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Thread: Looking to purchase top quality plants

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    Looking to purchase top quality plants

    This post has the approval of the administrator so please not comments about it being against the rules

    I am looking to purchase some large, top quality plants.

    When I say large I mean fully mature specimines. And when I say top
    quality I mean plants that could be immediatly placed on display.

    The nature of the material I am looking for mostly excludes commercial sources because they primarily deal in smaller, easy to ship material. Because of this I am not looking for referals to commercial vendors (though I know a few do post here and if they have something that fits my request I would be happy to hear from them)

    At this time I am specifically looking for large well grown specimines of:

    Desireable Nepenthes species
    Heliamphora specimens (any species)

    However ths list is not all inclusive so if you have something that
    you believe fits the bill then I may be interested.

    If your plant is one I am interested in then I will be able to pay a
    fair price for it.

    Please email me if you feel you can help

    Thank you
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