Pak we could also ask everybody that picks up a welfare check to please not have anymore kids. It's a good idea but it just won't work. I never said that all women on welfare are baby machines. But there are a lot of them, it is a problem and it needs to be addressed. A man getting snipped is not the same as a woman getting a shot. getting snipped is a surgery and a shot is just a shot. getting snipped is permanent a shot is not. I'm not saying it doesn't take two, I also said that if there was a shot for men I think they should have to get it to receive any welfare too. I am also in favor of snipping men how has a bunch of kids and refuse to pay child support.

There are a lot of things that should be but just not practical. Like making all men to have their boys cut off.

And a vasectomy is nothing like a woman getting a hysterectomy. A man getting snipped would be more like a woman getting her tubes tied.