Ohh noooo I don't want it to go in this direction lol.

Heroin is converted into Morphine and Codeine once it reaches the liver, we have those in pharmacological use.
Cocain is used ophthalmically during surgery as an anesthetic. Crack has no proven medical usage (at this point).
Methamphetamine is given to school children and fat people (hey, it's the truth!)

This is creepy. On the news right now they are talking about pot flavored suckers. Queue Twilight Zone music.

Anyways, we use all the drugs in the medical industry(except for crack which is arguably still cocaine), and that's fine, but the point is a 6 year old should not have access to crack, not that crack should or should not be legal (or anything else in this thread). We all know where each other stands on that issue from my past thread that was like 20 pages long (still, my favorite thread to date!)