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Thread: Hospital

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    Wait a second!! This isn't a debate! This is a fact. Doesn't matter I'm the owner now or not, the jokes are DONE! No problem with a little bit of fun, but this is too much, everyone expects it even! At least give it a break. But NOOOOOO you can't do that!! You gotta drop down to stupidity of saying you've been seriously hurt. It's over dude. I'm going to give you a few days to think about what you've done. Once the temp ban is over.. Come to the mod forum and talk to me. Or better yet, catch me on messenger if I'm around.
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    Awww, gee whiz Ozzy! Does that mean you won't be able to pick a team for "Fantasy Racing" this weekend.

    That means PAK will have an even bigger lead after Martinsville.

    So, has this been established as a joke?
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