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Thread: Does anyone watch vlogs?

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    Does anyone watch vlogs?

    Does anyone watch vlogs? One of my things I like to do is watch vlogs on youtube. Like from Arabic people or Irish people or Australian people. It's REALLY cool to learn about other cultures.

    I have to look up words like haraam and halaal and.. dowry and jummah. It's pretty cool though. Right now I'm listening to some cute guy named Ali talk about "Who hijacked my religion". Auctually he's high strung and needs to switch to decaf lol. He need a little bit of dental work, too. Anyway I'm ranting this isn't about Ali lol.

    Anyone else like to do this kind of stuff or am I weird? Lol. I've learned lots of Arabic words. Fo heezy. That wasn't an Arabic phrase, by the way lol.

    I also learned what "Bunnings" is. It's like homedepot in Australia... aaaand... people don't sit around in Australia eating vegimite.

    And I learned what a "Chav" was from a scottish-sounding dude in England.

    EDIT: THIS one is really cool. This is the cute guy with bad teeth lol. It was cool the way he talked about nuns, but I don't agree with how he tells people how to wear their Hijab, because to me, That's not his business. Let them do their OWN thing. So uhh... yeah I don't agree with everything but overall it's really neat.

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    I haven't watched vlogs. However, I've watched some indie news that showed other cultures. I like documentaries.

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