I'm looking for recording software and I've been reading Computer Music's special Cubase 4 issue, seems like one killer program and I can eventually synch up finished animation videos with music to burn on DVD along with all the pro recording studio features. Is anyone using Cubase? Input from any version is good but I'm especially interested in 4 obviously!

Is it an easy program to pick up if you're used to the recording process? Kinda like riding a bike, after a week or so of stumbling I feel OK again at the controls of my32 track Digital studio but i want the awesome editing abilities & unlimited tracks that Cubase offers. I've never used anything software for recording other than Acid 2.0 many years ago which was silly to me, using prepared loops of sounds to make songs. I'm only interested in creating my own music using a midi controller synth and maybe an audio interface for guitars and vocals.

I was considering Sonar 6 as my recording software as it supports so many plug in types of virtual instruments but everything i want to use (Miroslav Philharmonik Orchetsra, Absynth, Atmopshere, East West Orchestral Choirs, Vienna Synphony Cube, etc.) are VST plug in types which is the only type you can use with Cubase 4. Seems lik VST is the dominant plug in type anyway so should I not bother to worry about DXI and those others I could use with Ableton Live, Sonar, etc.?