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Thread: E.O.A.S.(Earth, Oceans, Atmosphere. Space) news and info

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    Smile E.O.A.S.(Earth, Oceans, Atmosphere. Space) news and info

    I will post EOAS related links, topics and news. Others may post ideas, TV, related movies, websites, links and more.

    To start off I will let people know about the superb video shows on the Discovery channel that started two weeks on Sundays.
    Amazing stop action footage, incredible information, photography video from the air, under the seas and up close on the ground with related to flora, fauna and patterns and information about animals and plants and how they interact. Maybe there will be some carnivorous plants on one of the episodes.

    You can also look at their website for more info

    I am continually amazed by the footage and amazing information the visuals portray in this 5 year long amazing endeavor.
    You won't be sorry you watched!!
    Dr.Eric Flescher (
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