I haven't been to the web site in a while, but last time I did...I noticed that several of the plants they sell (including pinguicula) are native to that location of NC. That was an interesting observation. I wrote to them (year or so ago) because I noticed, unlike most CP nurseries, they do not display a disclaimer that the plants are not wild collected.

I know for a fact they take wild collected plants. They told me so. Like Ozzy said, not ALL their stock is wild collected, but some of it is. They pay what they call "flytrap farmers" to collect the plants. They claim they have a permit (which maybe they do) BUT the fact is, they have no idea where these "farmers" are getting the plants. There is no way to determine what is collected by permit and what is not. They might collect in the Green Swamp and they might collect on private property...who knows. I was told these farmers have a made a living this way for generations and it provides income to families.

I say...start growing all the plants ethically via TC and hire those "farmers" to work at the nursery. I'm sure they aren't paying those poor people **** for the plants they collect.

If your local nursery sells flytraps in red pots, ask them who their vendor is. If its Flytrap Farm, complain and say they aren't an ethical company.