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I <3 the desert SO much. If you've ever got desert flora/fauna pics to unload here, don't hesitate.

Very nice pictures, but what did those poor VFTs do to get locked up in the big house? Dang critters, I take it?
Yes, ground squirrels and birds. I have had only one uprooting incident, and I am not taking my chances on another. The plants don’t seem to mind.

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I like the plastic you have over the trays to cut down evaporation. Is that anything special? How is it attached to the trays - with tape?
Nope, nothing special. Just plastic wrap form the grocery store. I pull it over the small plastic tubs and attach it with masking tape on the sides. Then I hold the designated pot over the plastic and make a rough outline of the pot’s base with an exacto knife. Then I cut out the hole and place the pot inside. Unfortunately, it only “fully” worked with the Lowe’s + Typical tub (as you can see in the picture). The pots in the other tubs were too big, and the plastic in between the pots was too thin and tore, but the sides remained intact. I use it mainly to cut down on evaporation and to keep out the desert sand on windy days.