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Thread: My "custom built" plant shelf

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    wow- that looks awesome man! all you have to do now is put up a few twin wall poly carbinate pannels to diffuse the sun so it shines in to the lower levels better (if it gets direct sun in there that is)

    She did a great job and it makes that area look so much better!
    Look at all that floor room you have for CPs now!!
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    Thanks Andrew. The only plant I couldn't get on there was the Christmas Cactus I have had for ~30+ years. At 2'3' it would have taken up most of the top shelf.

    I'll get a lot of direct light in this window and I have one of those mylar emergency blankets that I will cover the side facing the room to reflect the light back on the plants. I have sundews and other sun loving plants on the top shelf and next to the windows on the other shelves with pings behind them and utrics and leaf cuttings farthest from the window. The shelves are made from expanded metal, so they will allow some light through to the lower shelves as well as allowing for some ventilation. Space is a bit tight between the shelves but I have more room for plants plus I can easily clean up any spills under the shelf, where as before I had to move plants out of the way to do that. Not a perfect solution but it's much better than before. And yeah, I have room for more plants
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