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Thread: Cool Optical illusion video. TRIPPY!

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    I've done this one before (waiting for something to jump out and scream at me the first time) and I think it may have been better as a higher quality video. In this case, to fullscreen it you can see all of the distracting places where the screen refreshes or the video jerks (because it's presumably a pretty low bitrate to have it up on youtube.) I'll see if I can find the version I have; if it works any better, I'll post it up here.

    I've got another really cool one that I'll host somewhere and get up here.

    There's some pretty crazy ones out there! There's one that I remember that isn't really an illusion per se, but you look at a picture and it looks a certain way, then they have you stare at another thing for a bit, then when you look back the first picture has changed and it will forever more look like the changed one. Something in your brain changes so you can't "go back" to seeing the way the first picture looked; I think it's something relatively simple like a colour changes, but that's still pretty crazy if you ask me.
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    No way! you HAVE to find that!

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