My plants don't generally have pest issues (other than squirrels) while they're outside. The only time there's likely to be a problem is when plants are "environmentally isolated", such as pots sitting in trays of water. Since that's what I do with my Sarrs & VFTs, I watch for trouble. My solution isn't to spray; moving a pot out of the tray and into a flower bed or other biologically active place for a week is enough. An unsprayed area like that is teeming with predators, such as mites, wasps and beetles, and one of them has taken an interest in any pest problem I've handed to them.

I'm not looking to eliminate all of the pests, but only to keep them at a harmless level. Natural predators don't seem to do anything about JBs, but a few minutes of smushing can handle a lot of them and Sarr pitchers make for good disposal facilities. Don't put live ones in, however, because they can chew their way out. To get rid of the remaining creepie crawlies before bringing plants back inside, I do a few sprays of Neem and another organic spray, whose name escapes me at the moment. The Sarrs and other plants that stay outside for the winter don't ever get sprayed.