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Thread: REMINDERS for after the close of the auction!

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    REMINDERS for after the close of the auction!

    A reminder about how things work at close of auction.

    1) Highest bidder at 10 p.m. Eastern time is the winner; bids after that time are void.

    2) High bidder has 2 weeks to make the payment of the ITEM PRICE (or items) to NASC. Make SURE you include all information required with your payment (real name, forum name, your shipping information, etc.). Its fully explained in the end of auction rules. If the item isn't paid for within two weeks, the win is nullified and the item is offered to the next highest bidder.

    3) Do not send your shipping payment to NASC!!! Once an item is paid for, Schloaty will let you know to send your shipping payment (IF required) to the donor.

    4) After an item is paid for, the donor has two weeks to ship out his/her item to the winner.

    Please be timely with payments and shipping. And have patience with our dear Schloaty has he is going to be a busy boy for the next couple of weeks. PLUS he has a baby on the way be gentle with him!

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    PRETTY COOL! The whole thing just vamoosed at 10:00 like Cinderella's stuff!

    When will the auction be reopened for viewing?
    I will need to see what I actually won.
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