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Thread: West Warick RI, Feb 21st 2003

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    West Warick RI, Feb 21st 2003

    While I was in RI for the NECPS show, I had to make the short trip to the site where 100 people died at the Great White concert. There is plenty of info about it on the web if you don't know what happened, so I won't get into all of that.

    I had to talk Schloaty into going since he was my ride for the weekend.

    It's strange to think about what happened there, and how many people died. The most surprising thing was how small an area it was.

    We got there after dark, and was in a hurry to meet at a bar with some other people from the show so we couldn't get pics of everything.

    Dave also took some pics, maybe he can add his too.
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