I can kind of see Scot's point. Growracks have their good points AND bad points.

I guess not seeing my plants all the time does not bother me. My rack easily opens up for watering, cleaning, misting etc. Each time that I'm in the rack, I notice new growth and flowers; so it's kind of a nice surprise each time. Since I live alone and rarely have company I have no need to show off my plants all the time. I know what is in there and what Iíve done to contribute to any one plantís growth and propagation. So I guess the satisfaction of growing CPís is its own reward and very self-fulfilling. Besides, I have easy-to-grow common houseplants around the apartment for aesthetic value, not to mention for air purifying. Some nice Philodendrons, Pothos, Dieffenbachia and Dracaena.

Iím part of my local Big Brothers / Big Sisters program and my "little" who is a 12 year old boy loves to come over and gaze at my collection of CP's. He likes all the VFT's the best. He is still kind of frightened by the 'B52' VFT as he likes to look at it but afraid to even get his hand near it. LOL Come this spring Iím going to give him a typical VFT and teach him how to care for it. I may have a new CP convert here!

Anyway, I like my 'lil growrack.