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Thread: Need to help out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adnedarn View Post
    I want do do it quick. hehe click a few links on this forum: and imagine trying to play on this forum at that speed. UGH!!!
    Now Andy, is it really that important to be able to view threads at speeds that are faster than CP seeds germinate?... you know, a thread every 3-4 weeks. Isn't that fast enough for CP's growers...?

    Keep up the good work!

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    HAHAHA... isn't that place ridiculous?? The last computer I built had an ASUS board... and I was there... trying to trouble shoot it... Sadly, the customer service at ASUS was even slower than their forum!! (6 weeks to get a replacement board, that was in worse condition than the one i sent them for example!!)
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