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I would disagree with the original sentiment, but Soccer is a way of life, not a sport.

It's fun watching the world cup and getting riled up. lol
There was a co-worker of mine that had a sign on his desk that read: "Rugby is not a social disease". Never knew it was an issue.

Anyways, I love sports. One might say that I'm an athletic supporter! My kids shun sports, basically. Where did I go wrong? My oldest son killed interest in football when I joined the high school football team and sat on the bench until the end of the game, when the outcome was long been determined. Now the other 2 sons hate football as well. Hey I tried tossing footballs and baseballs around with them. But they're not interested. They'd rather play computer-oriented games.

BTW, I'm no stranger to the kitchen and cooking, baking, etc... Still have to take the trash out, like every other guy.