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Thread:'s coming! The Auction!

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    Hello all

    There has been a mention of it here and there so I thought I'd make it official and announce that yes indeed, the

    2008 NASC Benefit Auction

    is coming!

    Barring any currently unforeseen roadblocks, the auction has been scheduled for Saturday, June 7th through Saturday, June 21st.

    And if you have kept an eye on the NASC and/or Conservation forums, you will have noticed that once again, NASC is making our auction into a shared benefit event!

    NASC will be donating 50% of its proceeds (up to $1,500) to the Splinter Hill Bog campaign--a campaign to raise money for The Nature Conservancy to purchase an additional 40-acres to their current land holdings of this amazing Alabama bog region. The plants on this acreage are fantastic and we MUST keep them safe! Leucos that look like an ocean of white!

    You can read more about this in the topic in the NASC or Conservation forum.

    I hope you all will consider donating something to the auction. We LOVE the CPs, we LOVE the plants but you can donate just about anything that will raise money. We've had some very creative offerings in the past. And of course...there must be HAM!

    NASC depends on the effort and generosity of all you conservation-minded, CP-loving folks. So, if you have some seed laying around or a nep that could stand a trim, please consider the upcoming auction in June. We are hoping this heads-up will give some time for people to grow out plants and do a lil' rooting.

    We have deeply appreciated all of y'alls support in the past and this year we hope to be able to give a generous donation to TNC for the additional Splinter Hill land as well.

    And while I'm yammering...I will once again ask for volunteers for NASC. We have a LOT of work to do and a number of projects in need more active hands on deck! never hurts to post your auction "wishes" so maybe someone will see it and put a plant into the auction that you've been dying for!

    Thank you everybody!
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