Hey everyone,

Not all BACPS members get the newsletter, and not all CP people in the Bay Area are members, so I thought I'd appeal to the group for some volunteers to help staff the booth at the SF Flower and Garden show. There were a lot of positions to fill as it is a 5 day show, and we got quite a few volunteers, but we still need more. Below are the particulars.
Contact Stephen Davis is you wish to volunteer: Stephen Davis

Six lucky people each day will get free admission** to the SF Flower and Garden show, and get to spend some time talking about carnivorous plants with kids, teachers and parents, plus still have 7 hours of free time to see the show. If you want to see information on what is going on, you can go to the SF Flower and Garden Show web site: http://www.gardenshow.com/sf/highlights/sproutopia.asp

Working a show has it's benefits and perks. Take advantage of this one, and enjoy talking to people about Carnivorous Plants.

The basic schedule is:
Wednesday March 12 to Sunday March 16. We need two people for each slot.

Morning: 8:50am to 1pm
Afternoon: 12:30 pm to 4:30pm
Evening: 4pm-8pm

This is what the staffing looks like to date:

Morning: Harry/Stephen
Afternoon: Bill W/Geoff
Evening: OPEN/OPEN

Morning: Harry/Stephen*/OPEN
Afternoon: Larry/Joe
Evening: OPEN/OPEN

Morning: Michael W/Stephen*/OPEN
Afternoon: Arthur/Gina
Evening: Fernando/Michael D

Morning: Katie/Don
Afternoon: Janet/OPEN
Evening: Tuan/OPEN

Morning: Shari G/Open
Afternoon: Judith/Stephen
Evening: Judith/Doris

*Stephen can be replaced with anyone on these days that would like to give a simple 10 minute talk to school kids on Carnivorous Plants. Materials will be supplied, but you can do it your way. Contact Stephen at stephenwd@sbcglobal.net for details.

**Unfortunately parking is not free, so you will need $10 for parking. Still, you will save $20 and have a good time at the show.

Stephen Davis