I've been looking forever. My mom bought me a Concord La Scala today as a graduation present and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hell out of it. I'd marry it if I could, but as of now human-chronograph marriage is illegal. Write your local representatives.

What I don't like about it is the leather strap. It's brown crocodile. Uuugly. I don't like brown. I've looked and looked and looked, and I can not find replacement straps for this watch. The only thing I can find it the buckle kind of strap. Mine comes with a steel clasp, not a buckle, and this is what I'd like to replace it with.

Does anyone know where I could buy one online? I've really, really looked lol. Here are pictures of a watch just like mine so you can see the strap and the clasp I'm talking about. I had to take a screen shot since the site was flash. I got this image from bernardwatch.com I'd rather buy one online, since a jeweler would charge like twice as much that it's worth (come on. It's just leather and a little bit of steel) just because of the name, assuming one could hook me up in the first place.

I do know they make the straps in different colors. I know of light and dark blue, light and dark pink, light green, turquoise,black and white. I was looking into blue,green, maybe turquoise and white unless I find out of other colors.