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Thread: Sphagnum Tips

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    Sphagnum Tips

    Not sure if this goes here, but, whatever.

    I'm interested in acquiring some LSM so my Cephalotus looks nicer, as the plant itself looks good but the dirt and dirty moss around it makes it look more unappealing. My one try at growing it failed. I received a very small amount of LSM in bags from shipping, and, it looked okay, kind of brown in some spots but okay, and I took the live part and put it around the pots. It died. Some lived in a pot with a bag over it for humidity but once I acclimated the plant out of the bag the moss all died slowly (along with the plant, darn). I am looking forward to growing some again but I'm not sure if it will be a challenge? Does it need high humidity or not or was I just unlucky and/or already had dying moss so it didn't really matter? Different species? During rainy days or days like now it can be very nice and cool in the windowsill yet bright enough at the same time. During hotter days the soil in the pots easily loses water rather quickly and on day 1 it can be very wet, but, on day 4, nearly dry. I do not have a spray bottle for misting at the moment but I can easily put nice, coolish cold water over the LSM during hot days when it comes time to water (I may just need a spray bottle since I believe LSM likes to be wetter but the soil of my Cephalotus goes from wet to dry then I water again to help prevent rot, so, I can't continuously water the whole thing otherwise my Cephalotus may rot). I have a spray bottle but I lost the nozzle so I can't "mist" anymore. I'm just worried about humidity. Any helpful suggestions? Much obliged!
    - NeciFiX

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    See av8tor1's page referenced in the above post.

    Just keep it wet. You can cover it so you don't have to water it as often, just don't let it cook in the sun.

    The secret is keeping it wet so that the living parts don't dry out and die.

    See also:

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