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Thread: The oddball tools of the trade...

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    hmmmm... what do I use....

    Ziplock bags: Storing media, cold stratifying seeds, storing seed, storing cuttings in water.

    Boxes: Moving my Cp's around (have to do it a lot!)

    Plastic containers: Storing, cold stratifying, media storage, cuttings, germinating seedlings, pots, saucers.

    Plastic food Clingwrap: Covering over holes when humidity is needed.

    Tinfoil: Reflecting!

    Toothpicks: Poking holes in the soil, propping up small plants.

    Kebab sticks: Like toothpicks, but bigger! Also for Nepenthes to wind their vines around.

    Tweasers: Moving live venus fly trap leaves still attached to the plant without setting off the traps. Prising open Venus fly Trap traps which have shut for no reason and dropping some bugs inside. Dropping bugs in venus fly trap's mouths. Picking off aphids, small dead leaves, leaf cuttings etc. Removing miniscule things from the media.

    Bags: Storing anything and everything.

    Clear plastic bags: Over the top of large Nepenthes for humidity.

    Bottles: Storing water, especially creek water for utrics.

    Spray bottle: Spraying Nepenthes etc.

    Polystyrene: Cutting up into little bits and sticking on the ends of kebab sticks to make 'tools' to clean my hard to get into small U. gibba tank. So far i've made two 'hooks' to hook and remove the U. gibba if I need to, a 'shovel' to scoop out gravel, perhaps if it has algae etc. and a 'rake' to move around the gravel in the tank bottom. I'm actually thinking about trying to use this as a media type! will trial it with d.Capensis, let's see what happens!

    Sponge with scourer on the other side: Scrubbing alage off pots and tanks.

    Magnifying glass: Checking leaves, checking for aphids, looking at things etc.

    Ice cube container: Germinating baby Darlingtonia's.

    Mesh curtain: cut up and placed over containers to filter out light, like a 'shade cloth'

    Paper: Recording details of plant growth, wrapping up seeds etc.

    Envelope: Sending away seeds.

    Postage stamp: envelopes don't seem to work without these!

    Marker pen: Writing on plant labels.

    Hammer: Smashing natural pumice stones to peices for plants.

    Nail: Used with hammer to put holes in containers which need holes in them...

    Jug: Used to boil hot water to sterilise media, pots, jars etc.

    Bleach: Used with lots of water to make a very very mild solution to kill off Botrytis mold.

    Old plastic wine glass: Used to put Utric pots into to maintain high water tables.

    Scissors: Cutting things. Also used as tweasers if there are no tweasers around.

    Cups: Used like old plastic wine glass. Also used to germinate seedlings, storage, and as pots.

    Glasses: Like cups.

    Sieve: Rinsing and sterilsing media.

    Electric Drill: An easier way of drilling holes!
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