Hi everybody

There is just a little over 3 days left in the 2008 NASC Auction!

It is still not too late to list and bid! Late entries are always appreciated. And we DO still have new things coming in. Also I wanted to remind you not to forget about the listings that are on earlier pages. Items tend to sink if they don't have a recent bid but there is a lot of great stuff available. You can really have quite a collection of CPs with the seed being offered. So...peruse over ALL the auction pages to see if you missed anything you were interested in.

I've tried to thank many of you personally but I haven't had time to get to everybody. There are a lot of donors! I'm still working on it.

I want to thank ALL of you for being so supportive. We have had amazing donations from the beginner plants to the rare plants...every listing is IMPORTANT.

The auction closes at 10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time THIS Saturday (21st). I hope you all will be around to make final bids and...see how it rolls! It's a great ride!

All the NASC Board is grateful to everyone who has participated. Throughout 2008 your donations will be supporting various causes and projects important to the protection and conservation of Sarracenia. The Splinter Hill Bog campaign will be one recipient of your caring for conservation of our beautiful and unique Sarracenia.

As always...thank you to the moderators and to Andrew for allowing us this auction. I hope you all will continue to support FlyTrapShop as it supports this amazingly caring CP community.

Y'all ARE the best!